how to setup n300 netgear wifi extender

Looking to setup n300 or wn3000 extender?

If yes,

You are at the right place to setup your n300 or wn3000 wifi range extender.


New to setup n300 or wn3000 wifi extender or existing customer having the old one.

Steps are same to setup n300 or wn3000 extender

You have to follow the following steps to setup n300 Netgear wifi extender-

Steps to Setup n300

-First, unbox your extender.
-Second, Plug the extender into an electrical outlet.
-For the First setup, we recommend you to setup your n300 or wn3000 in the same room as your extender
Then go to MYWIFIEXT.NET page or page link
You will find these links below these steps
– Second, go to that page and enter your extender login details there
-After login there are some settings for that- we recommend you to call at our technical support toll-free phone number. Our Technician Assistant will help you to setup your wifi range extender and router also.

Link to MYWIFIEXT.NET and Link to

Click here, If you are unable to connect to or unable to connect to

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